My name is Denis Sehic AKA dsec208, I migrated from Switzerland to Twin Falls, ID in 1999 when I was 5 years old, and moved to the Boise area about 2 years ago. I love this city and the people in it. I am of Bosnian decent, and I do speak my native language along with English... obviously... I do own more than one jacket and hat, but the pictures below will say otherwise, you just have to trust me.
I started doing photography as my main focus earlier this year, with the loss of my job I decided this is the perfect time to pursue my passion and not be held back with a job that is limiting my creativity. I love to photograph anything and make things look good on a screen or a print. Whether that is vehicles, people, or just about anything else. 
The gear I currently use is my Sony A6400 paired with a 56mm and a 16mm lens from Sigma. I was shooting with Nikon before, but just switched over to Sony a couple of months back, and I am not looking back. I also use a GoPro Hero 4 and 7 Black for some video stuff as well.
If you are reading this I hope to do a shoot with you in person and get to know who you are and your story.

Let's get creating

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